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Codingame: Stock Exchange Losses

Original Problem

The Goal

A finance company is carrying out a study on the worst stock investments and would like to acquire a program to do so. The program must be able to analyze a chronological series of stock values in order to show the largest loss that it is possible to make by buying a share at a given time t0 and by selling it at a later date t1. The loss will be expressed as the difference in value between t0 and t1. If there is no loss, the loss will be worth 0.

Game Input


Line 1: the number n of stock values available.

Line 2: the stock values arranged in order, from the date of their introduction on the stock market v1 until the last known value vn. The values are integers.

The maximal loss p, expressed negatively if there is a loss, otherwise 0.
0 < n < 100000
0 < v < 231 Solution

Based on the first point p we got, we subtract the second point q. If q is smaller than p, we have a loss. What we now must do is maximizing the loss, so we'll go from point to point and compare the currently highest point p with every new point q. Since we can find a new high with every new point we get, we also have to maximize p. I thought visually about this problem. Look at this graph:

Imagine, you put a straight line between the first and the second point. Now you keep the first point fixed as an anker and rotate the line to the third point. That one is higher than the second, and as such the loss is less than the already known. Now we have a new high and let the third point be the anker and go down to the fourth and fifth. We now found a new maximum loss. With the next point we have to move the anker point again and the game goes on. When implemented, it's as simple as the following snippet:

Module Solution

    Sub Main ()
        Dim n as Integer
        n = Console.ReadLine()

        Dim vs(n) as String
        vs = Console.ReadLine().split(" ")

        Dim p as Integer
        Dim d as Integer

        p = Convert.toInt32(vs(0))
        d = 0

        For Each v As String In vs
            Dim t as Integer

            t = Convert.toInt32(v)
            d = Math.max(d, p - t) ' max loss
            p = Math.max(p, t) ' max seen value

        Console.WriteLine(- d)

    End Sub
End Module

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